I was sleepless. I was sleepless in Seattle. Sleepless in Seattle (and the weather) makes you sick. Three times S.

Seattle was a little colder than I expected – or than the weather forecast had informed me. I could feel my body begging me to put further layers on it, except I didn’t have any more layers packed. I still bravely went out and about. And now I am not so bravely paying for it.

My body slowly got sicker and sicker on the flight back. Luckily it wasn’t a busy one and I spent most of my time in the galley with a scarf wrapped tightly around my throat while throwing down lots of warm water with lemon to keep it constantly happy and hydrated. I like to tell myself that it helped from escalating this sickness any further but in this very moment I feel like a heavy sack of potatoes.

Unfortunately I have a duty tomorrow. It’s a quick one but when you’re sick it’s never a good idea to drag your body onto an aircraft. Especially not one that will have two takeoffs and two landings. I have to drag my body though. My record is not the greatest and I cannot afford any more sick days this 2016.


Sleepless in Seattle

That is probably the most unoriginal title but in this very moment it is my truth.

I love Seattle. It’s my fifth time here, and each visit has been worth working a 14 hour flight for. Granted I do get to sleep three of those hours as crew need their rest too. Still it is a long flight and the timing of the day is turned upside down. My body is always confused but I suffer for the joy of having about 50 hours in this city.

The hotel is located perfectly downtown and I almost know the city centre inside out by now, and have quite my routine. I tend to wake up early as the curtains let just enough light in for me to wake up – rested or not. I get my jetlagged body out of bed and usually walk to Nordstrom for a quick glance in case there’s anything I need to own. At lunch I eat a filling bowl of grains at Veggie Grill, and always follow up with a stroll around Pike Market while munching on some vegan ice cream. In the evening I walk 30 minutes or so to Whole Foods to stock up on healthy edibles. But before that I normally find myself browsing for random stuff at Target.

My very first layover here was with the Lebanese (the boyfriend). I was rostered the flight and he managed to swap onto it. We did as much as time allowed us and squeezed some sleep in there too. We visited the Boeing Factory and the Flight Museum. We walked through most of the Pike Market, and had a romantic dinner in the revolving restaurant atop the Space Needle. Originally we also wanted to take a ferry boat to Bainbridge Island but there simply wasn’t enough time. According to my memory we did much more but having a cabin crew brain I simply can’t recall what else. We did want to visit the number one attraction in Seattle – according to TripAdvisor; The Chihuly Garden and Glass exhibit. Unfortunately on the very day that we arrived it was booked for a private event. Next time, I keep telling myself.

This layover was supposed to be the “next time” for Bainbridge Island. As is standard, I woke up early. After a very quick grocery shopping at Target I found myself back at the hotel without any energy to drag my body back out. It was a bit cold and windy and I was tired and had no energy. Excuses and excuses led me to an hour of Netflix and a couple of hours of restless napping. I woke up way too late. So late that a trip to Target for the new Ben & Jerry’s vegan ice cream had me back at the hotel empty-handed. The store had just closed. And now I am sleepless at 01.30 in the morning. At least I had a very sunny and eventful time the day before.

Tomorrow I am going back home. To the Lebanese, and with a suitcase full of stuff ordered online and delivered to the hotel. Plus a few extra goodies in there. It’s gonna be a heavy one but opening it back home after a layover in Seattle aways feels like Christmas.