I was sleepless. I was sleepless in Seattle. Sleepless in Seattle (and the weather) makes you sick. Three times S.

Seattle was a little colder than I expected – or than the weather forecast had informed me. I could feel my body begging me to put further layers on it, except I didn’t have any more layers packed. I still bravely went out and about. And now I am not so bravely paying for it.

My body slowly got sicker and sicker on the flight back. Luckily it wasn’t a busy one and I spent most of my time in the galley with a scarf wrapped tightly around my throat while throwing down lots of warm water with lemon to keep it constantly happy and hydrated. I like to tell myself that it helped from escalating this sickness any further but in this very moment I feel like a heavy sack of potatoes.

Unfortunately I have a duty tomorrow. It’s a quick one but when you’re sick it’s never a good idea to drag your body onto an aircraft. Especially not one that will have two takeoffs and two landings. I have to drag my body though. My record is not the greatest and I cannot afford any more sick days this 2016.


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