Gold Dotted Love

Since organisation is the key to my happiness I always look for a way to be just that. And just that requires the perfect planner. As I travel all over the world I have the perks of being able to explore paper stuff everywhere which I thoroughly have been. Every single time I have passed some sort of shop full of beautifully designed journals or calenders or planners, in I have gone to enjoy a long browsing session.

The other day I popped in at Kate Spade to have a two second look at a specific bag. The bag didn’t spark any love and I was just about to direct my body out of the shop when I halted. Sort of hidden behind the counter were some golden dots on a beigey background with the numbers 2017 written across. How did I not know that Kade Spade made planners? It was love at first sight.

Normally I excitedly bring home a new planner and write diligently all of my doings down for the next month, get annoyed with the way I wrote it all and throw the entire thing in the trash. This time I’m only gonna plan a week ahead, and treat every week as something special. Seven days that matter and seven days that will bring me joy and memories to treasure. I need to not look so quickly ahead but appreciate the now, full of golden dots.


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