Essentially Water

It’s an early start for me today. Not because I have to. Basically I stayed up for almost an entirety of 24 hours which led me to drag my ass very early to bed which led me to drag my ass very early out of the bed, too.

So. Here I am. Writing, and drinking warm lemon water with cayenne. And realising that I need to up that daily water intake. Lately, and lately as in forever, I always feel dehydrated. It doesn’t help much that I’m a flight attendant who spends loads of her time in a moisture-less tube at high altitudes. I wanted to seriously deal with that specific issue long time ago. Or maybe just a year or so ago. I popped open Amazon and bought a fancy Thermos Smart Lid. I was super hyped about this water bottle and paid quite an amount of money to get my hands on it. What is it? A water bottle that automatically tracks your water intake. All you gotta do is keep it charged, and then sync it via bluetooth to an app on your phone. Simple!

I kinda forgot about it after a month’s use. Although it was a very exciting way to track how well I added fluids to my body, the bottle just somehow made it into the cabinet one day and somehow never made it out. Guess what? It’s out again! And currently being charged. Wish me luck! Or simply a hydrating day.


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