Gold Dotted Love

Since organisation is the key to my happiness I always look for a way to be just that. And just that requires the perfect planner. As I travel all over the world I have the perks of being able to explore paper stuff everywhere which I thoroughly have been. Every single time I have passed some sort of shop full of beautifully designed journals or calenders or planners, in I have gone to enjoy a long browsing session.

The other day I popped in at Kate Spade to have a two second look at a specific bag. The bag didn’t spark any love and I was just about to direct my body out of the shop when I halted. Sort of hidden behind the counter were some golden dots on a beigey background with the numbers 2017 written across. How did I not know that Kade Spade made planners? It was love at first sight.

Normally I excitedly bring home a new planner and write diligently all of my doings down for the next month, get annoyed with the way I wrote it all and throw the entire thing in the trash. This time I’m only gonna plan a week ahead, and treat every week as something special. Seven days that matter and seven days that will bring me joy and memories to treasure. I need to not look so quickly ahead but appreciate the now, full of golden dots.


Keeping Track

I have OCPD (Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder). It’s very obvious and I would never deny it. It’s not something I suffer from though. I absolutely love having it. If you really think about it, isn’t it kinda beautiful how calm and serene one can feel just because the surroundings are neat and in order, and perfectly organised and clean.

As I started my flying career about four years ago I knew I needed some way of keeping track of all the flying across the sky. I googled exhaustedly until I found a site I approved of. The design was modern and sleek, and the options of input fit my needs just right. The result is something I love to look at. I simply adore the numbers and the statistics! Sometimes I have a not so great flight to do – either because of the timing, the length, the destination, or something else entirely. I will then comfort myself with the fact that at least I can add it to all those beautiful numbers… I have an obsession with numbers. They are obvious and logic and straightforward. I mean, just look at this!

My profile

Flying Dinner

I realised why that fancy water bottle was shelved after only a month’s use. Really, it’s too bad cause I love the idea behind it. Unfortunately I am not a fan of the way you actually drink from it. I can’t decide whether the water opening is too big or if it’s too small. It simply does not match my preference. End of topic.

A Basra is on the schedule for today. I don’t mind. It’s just a turnaround. A quick one. It’s only a handful of hours from taking off until landing back at the very same airport. It’s doable. I’ll have to prepare a vegan dinner of some sorts to bring with me. I’m thinking lentils and green stuff and veggies. Better get to it.

Essentially Water

It’s an early start for me today. Not because I have to. Basically I stayed up for almost an entirety of 24 hours which led me to drag my ass very early to bed which led me to drag my ass very early out of the bed, too.

So. Here I am. Writing, and drinking warm lemon water with cayenne. And realising that I need to up that daily water intake. Lately, and lately as in forever, I always feel dehydrated. It doesn’t help much that I’m a flight attendant who spends loads of her time in a moisture-less tube at high altitudes. I wanted to seriously deal with that specific issue long time ago. Or maybe just a year or so ago. I popped open Amazon and bought a fancy Thermos Smart Lid. I was super hyped about this water bottle and paid quite an amount of money to get my hands on it. What is it? A water bottle that automatically tracks your water intake. All you gotta do is keep it charged, and then sync it via bluetooth to an app on your phone. Simple!

I kinda forgot about it after a month’s use. Although it was a very exciting way to track how well I added fluids to my body, the bottle just somehow made it into the cabinet one day and somehow never made it out. Guess what? It’s out again! And currently being charged. Wish me luck! Or simply a hydrating day.